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#1 2019-05-03 9:20:22 pm

Princess Lapis of Sorcerland (Administrator)
From: Chicago
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Goomba Color 2019-05-04

This build is pretty much the same version as the 12-14-2014 version, except a bug that broke 32K save files was fixed.


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#2 Yesterday 2:21:51 am

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Re: Goomba Color 2019-05-04

This is indeed a wonderful job and I thank you grealy for continuing to work on this!

I'm playing GB and GBC games through a EZ-IV and I would like to ask you one thing: is it possible to permanently change palette for GB games and stuff in "Other settings"? I appreciate the backgrounds and the enormous amount of palettes, but sometimes I'd prefer to play them as if they were played on an original system, in greyscale or yellow for example (or even GBC games like Link's Awakening DX without the background border).

Again, though, thank you very much for this release (and previous work), my question doesn't change my happiness in any way (just some kinks of mine)!


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