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#1 2005-03-31 9:53:43 pm

Vash The Stampede
Don Flamenco
Don Flamenco
From: Philadelphia Area
Registered: 2004-12-16
Posts: 253

Wikipedia April Fools

Scared me for a second before I realized the joke: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2005_Brita … _Wikimedia

At least I hope it's a joke...


It's a small, fun forum.  If you'd like an invite, e-mail me.


#2 2005-04-01 4:27:32 am

Don Flamenco
Don Flamenco
From: Balmora
Registered: 2004-12-23
Posts: 262

Re: Wikipedia April Fools

it looks like an april fool..

I don't understand how they can write such a long article about it though.


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