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#1 2008-10-29 8:23:35 am

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Minish Cap maps?

[EDIT: This should be moved into GBA]

I want to edit the Minish Cap - as it seems to be a very detailed game. I'm using the european version (5 languages) and have tried too many things.

The previous attempt I've made is with Link's Awakening DX, and I have programmed a tool (very quickly, in Game Maker :P ) to check for similar tiles in a screenshot and output a string (e.g. if there was grass, grass, rock, grass, well, it would return 00102) for use with a very good program I found called Arbitrary Search. I managed to find, using this method, most outdoor maps but not any indoor ones.

The same attempt does not work on the Minish Cap, and I'm pretty sure it uses a short (2-byte) value for each of the map tiles, as Pokémon Advance does.

To attempt to get any map data for Minish Cap, I have tried... (These attempts all failed)
- Searching for the X/Y values of some people in the game (in an attempt to trace back a pointer to the map header)
- Using the built-in map-debugging mode and scan with Cheat Engine, but this returned each quarter of a tile at a time, which is calculated at run-time, not in the ROM.
- Trying to trace back a pointer to the text (i.e. going to the first block of text at 9AECFC and searching the whole ROM for FCEC9A08, then for EC9A08)
I'm pretty sure that last one doesn't work because it's multilanguage, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, if you can find anything, please help!

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