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#1 2005-01-13 6:57:24 am

From: America's Wang
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Who among you has seen Foo-La-La?

There's a link to my RPG Maker 2000-based fanimutation, "Foo-La-La," at the very bottom of Dwedit's Big List of Fanimutations. It's kinda big (11 megs, plus you need to download an RM2K installer in order to play it, which is another 12 megs), because RM2K doesn't support MP3 audio, only WAV. But I put a lot of time and creativity into it, and it has all the usual marks of animutation: misheard lyrics, wacky pop-culture images, and of course, a healthy dose of Colin. I'd like to know what you all think of it; it's also got Pokemon, Simpsons, Earthbound, Japanese pizza, Saturday Night Live, Dragon Warrior, Kefka, FEAR THE CHIPMUNK SAMURAI, and more zany Super Nintendo game screenshots than any other fanimutation. Enjoy!

"I've been playing a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics lately, trying to master all the jobs for my human characters, and it's even been showing up in my dreams. Last night I had a dream I was watching one of those stand-up shows on TV, and a comedian was doing a bit about, you guessed it, the battle on the roof of Riovanes Castle..." -Indo Tenbuki

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#2 2005-01-13 7:25:17 am

Don Flamenco
Don Flamenco
From: Balmora
Registered: 2004-12-23
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Re: Who among you has seen Foo-La-La?

I'm downloading it now. Man, it takes forever. Maybe that's because i'm using Azureus too..

i've seen it, and it's pretty cool. Though i think that if you used flash then you could make it better and smaller. (well, smaller anyway)

I liked the game screenshots.

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#3 2005-01-20 4:13:10 am

the $$600.000.000 man
Anime Otaku
From: The Netherlands, Koog a/d Zaan
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Re: Who among you has seen Foo-La-La?

No it's just slow 9.5 Kib/s was the limit!
And again wacky fanimutation

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