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#1 2014-10-13 3:04:15 pm

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Goomba Color and Pogoshell

First, some stats:

ROM cart         : X-ROM 512Mbit
Goomba Color : version 3-31-08
Pogoshell        :  version 2.0b3 mod5 beta 5

So, I copy goomba.gba to root/.shell/plugins and the emulator runs, however, I have to press L + R after choosing a ROM to load for it to "boot" the ROM image.  Also, if I decide I want to exit the emulator through the menu (L + R), I get a garbled screen. It won't exit. So, my question is: am I doing this correctly? Also, what about the "Multi Boot" version of Goomba Color?

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#2 2014-10-13 9:53:12 pm

Alex Trebek (Administrator)
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Re: Goomba Color and Pogoshell

I'm actually working on Goomba Color again right now, so I might look into this as well.

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