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#1 2016-01-16 1:34:52 pm


goomba color for gbamp?

i was way into the gba (and subsequently ds) homebrew scenes back in the day and goomba was a favourite of mine.  i recently dug up my gbamp and SP and was curious whether development had continued and was thrilled to find out that it had... and then dejected that there wasn't a gbamp-compatible version out there.  digging through a ton of old message board posts it appears that gbamp support was dropped shortly after dwedit started working on the color-edition of goomba, but that it was only supposed to be temporary.  my request for dwedit is, i'm not sure how involved it is to include gbamp compatibility but if you found the time to do so i would be absolutely elated.  (the main feature i'm interested in that the stable goomba-mono releases lacked is save states).

thanks for your continued effort on this project, it's absolutely fantastic!

#2 2016-01-16 5:12:43 pm

Alex Trebek (Administrator)
From: Chicago
Registered: 2004-12-12
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Re: goomba color for gbamp?

Actually, I think the GBAMP version was stopped around the time I added in SGB support, and did other things like make it run from ROM instead of RAM.  If I were to try to make newer versions work on the GBAMP, there would be less RAM available, and less cache pages, so it would be really slow.

I actually did try to make a unified GBAMP replacement ROM that installed PocketNES, Goomba Color, and SMSAdvance to the Flash ROM, giving more cache pages available in RAM.  Except I ran into some bizarre technical issues where the cartridge would randomly crash.  So the GBAMP cartridge itself isn't very reliable at executing from Flash ROM in place, which explains why the GBAMP software itself copies itself to RAM and runs there.

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