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#1 2016-07-03 12:44:42 pm


PocketNES Errors


#2 2016-07-03 12:50:45 pm


Re: PocketNES Errors

Sorry, I hit enter by accident.
Dwedit: Recent PocketNES fan. I've been using the 7/1/2013 build recently, but I've run into a few errors.
The first is that the sleep mode doesn't work at all! I'm running this on an EZ Flash IV and it's strange that this isn't working. My version of Goomba Color (I'd have to check what version exactly) does sleep mode fine, but PocketNES just does the fade to white screen then resumes. What am I doing wrong?

One more thing, if you'd be so kind: I have a japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 rom that I patched, the one that's converted to NES format and can also adjust at the title screen to go to any level you want.
When I open it in PocketNES, compressed or uncompressed, it goes to the title screen, and even plays the demo, but when I hit start on either character to go into the game, it shows a black screen.

If you could help me with either of these things, I'd be very grateful! It's a lot of fun running these programs on something like  a Game Boy Micro.

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