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#1 2018-01-23 3:30:34 pm

From: Cambridgeshire, UK
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Creating a Webapp that Combines Tools like Goomba and PocketNES.

I'm thinking about creating a webapp that reuses tools like Goomba, Goomba Color, PocketNES, SMSAdvance and Cologne, so the community have a nice tool (no ads or anything like that) for formatting their ROMs, that works on any platform, including mobile.

It would not host any ROMs. It would just reuse the libraries from Dwedit et al, and users would need to select the ROM from their filesystem.

The app would support ZIP files and should be able to figure out which tools to use, based on the extension, some other meta, or based on a hash (I still need to learn a bit more about the different ways to do this). The user can easily just select the tool they want if nothing else.

The app could host multiple versions of certain tools. For example, if Punch Out! works better on an old version of PocketNES, we could host that version as well, and record which versions to use with which ROMs.

Modern JavaScript should be powerful enough to upload, unzip and create files, concatenate binaries et cetera, so the app should be able to run as a pure clientside utility. If so, it'll be free to run on App Engine, unless it becomes insanely popular.

I don't want to make any promises. I'm just thinking about what's involved, but it doesn't seem like too much work, would be fun to make and useful, and there's plenty of scope for extending it once it's up and running.

Does anyone here, especially Dwedit, have any thoughts on any of this?


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