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#1 2021-12-23 6:35:08 am

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PocketNES with new IPS Screen


When the pocketnes was written the GBA system was the original screen with 240 × 160 pixels (3:2 aspect ratio) and the Nes 256x240

But nowadays we can replace the original screen by new one IPS, they have a higher resolution but keep the same proportions.

Thinking about the advantage of higher resolution IPS screen 480x360, there's a way to make pocketnes games fit better on the ISP Screen?

Is it possible to include on screen option of pocketnes emulator a new resolution for the IPS to fit the entire NES game?



#2 2021-12-23 8:09:42 am

From: Chicago
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Re: PocketNES with new IPS Screen

I don't believe the GBA can generate any more than 160 scanlines.  Any screen mods will be tapping the signal that the GBA is generating, and there's no way for a GBA program to request more scanlines.

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#3 2021-12-25 3:32:29 pm

Registered: 2021-12-12
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Re: PocketNES with new IPS Screen

I think got it, even with a screen with a higher resolution the system itself doesn't support more than 160 scanlines right?

That's ok, thanks for the quick reply and Merry Christmas.


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