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#1 2022-04-30 5:13:39 am

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Multi-platform builder scripts for GBA emulators

I have coded some Python 3 emulator compilation builder scripts for most of the best GBA emulators:

  • Cologne

  • Goomba / Goomba Color / Jagoomba

  • MSXAdvance

  • NGPAdvance

  • PCEAdvance

  • PocketNES

  • SMSAdvance

  • SNESAdvance

  • Snezziboy

These scripts mostly have the same features as the original Win32 executables, but the advantage is that they're multi-platform so if you're a macOS or Linux user you won't have to mess about making a Windows VM in order to try out the emulators.
https://github.com/patters-syno/gba-emu … n-builders

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