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#1 2022-06-10 8:04:29 am


Goomba - Speedball 2

Hello guys, hello Dwedit.
Idk if this could help, anyways this is what I noticed in Speedball 2.

This game freezes up at the start of each match on the last version of Goomba and thus it's unplayable.
This doesn't happen on an older Flubba's 2004 Goomba version; yes, it appears a bit glitchy looking at the HUD, but still playable.
Maybe newer versions "broke" something.
That's all.

#2 2022-06-10 6:10:51 pm

From: Chicago
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Re: Goomba - Speedball 2

Probably something that has to do with IRQs.

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#3 2022-06-13 8:11:23 am


Re: Goomba - Speedball 2

Another thing I noticed afterwards.
Main theme is different too... Goomba Colors plays so weird with idle periods inside of no sound. It's funny but I thing it's all messed up :D ... if compared to previous and very outdated Goomba versions.

#4 2022-06-13 9:45:38 am


Re: Goomba - Speedball 2

12-14-2014 version is where things got worse, before this one, at least, it was playable with even more sounds although far from being accurate... still lacking of some sounds such as the older versions.

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