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Whenever you download a file, I'd appreciate it if you posted a nice "Thank You" message, then tell me which site you came from. Thanks.
- Dwedit

#1 2005-02-17 5:27:53 pm

Alex Trebek (Administrator)
From: Chicago
Registered: 2004-12-12
Posts: 991

Mostly Metal Jacket

Found this from TMST's site...


I think it needs to have a higher score.  Hubba hubba zoot zoot!

"We are merely sprites that dance at the beck and call of our button pressing overlord."


#2 2005-02-17 6:13:27 pm

Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan
Registered: 2004-12-13
Posts: 91

Re: Mostly Metal Jacket

...a 'nam 'nam!

Awesome animutation. Voted 5, though it apparently didn't count as much since I don't have an account.

* Quietust, QMT Productions
P.S. If you don't get this note, let me know and I'll write you another.


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