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#1 2018-03-28 1:08:07 pm


PocketNES: Need to batch make all NES roms into individual .gba files?


Absolutely love PocketNES, having a decent portable NES emulator is a dream come true for me. (AGB-001+AGS-101 Screen+EZ-FLASH IV)

I know I can combine multiple NES rom into a single .gba file, however I need each rom to be it's own .gba file for the sake of loading times.

I use an EZ-FLASH IV and NES roms are so small I can load them from the MicroSD card into PSRAM almost instantaneously. The reason I don't like NORFLASH is I'm limited to a 32MB file size, which isn't big enough for the full NES rom set. Making multiple 32MB .gba files to flash to NORFLASH is annoying because every time I want to load a game from a different 32MB .gba file, I have to reflash the NORFLASH. An alternative is to make multiple 16MB .gba files that can be loaded into PSRAM from the MicroSD card, but then again I have to deal with the annoyance and slowness of loading a 16MB .gba file to PSRAM when I want to boot a game from another 16MB .gba file.

I like to browse my NES roms freely and pick a ROM that randomly appeals to me. This is possible if I make a .gba file for every NES rom. However, I'd prefer not to manually do it 2724 times for the full NES rom set.

Is there any way to do this in a batch with PocketNES Menu Maker? To output single .gba files for each rom?

Yes I know the EverDrive GBA X5 can boot nes roms natively through the file explorer with PocketNES. The cartridge size is a deal breaker for me because I often carry a GBA Micro when there's no room for my AGB-001.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


#2 2018-03-28 1:11:16 pm

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Re: PocketNES: Need to batch make all NES roms into individual .gba files?

Oops, wasn't signed in. For PM needs here's the account.


#3 2020-11-04 1:12:32 am


Re: PocketNES: Need to batch make all NES roms into individual .gba files?

You complain a lot without knowing why things are as they are.

The GBA is limited by 32MB in size. You can make files larger but the GBA won't boot them. This is why the NORFlash comes limited, or older designs use 64/128 with a way to switch banks. But 32 is what you'll be stuck with.

You should try the EverDrive GBA X5 Mini. It fits flush.

#4 2022-06-05 3:47:33 pm

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Re: PocketNES: Need to batch make all NES roms into individual .gba files?

You are in luck. I have made exactly what you were looking for:
https://github.com/patters-syno/gba-ezf … -emulators


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