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Whenever you download a file, I'd appreciate it if you posted a nice "Thank You" message, then tell me which site you came from. Thanks.
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#1 2005-01-22 5:45:52 am

Registered: 2005-01-22
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Music Page?

First let me just say that the first animutation I ever saw was Suzukisan, and to this day it's still my favorite. So thanks Dwedit for creating my addiction, your stuff is the best.

Ok, onward.  I seem to remember there once being a page that had a list of all the music from Dwedit's Flash...  I was hoping to get my hands on it.  Am I just remembering wrong?

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#2 2005-01-22 2:36:46 pm

Vash The Stampede
Don Flamenco
Don Flamenco
From: Philadelphia Area
Registered: 2004-12-16
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Re: Music Page?

I'm pretty sure that after each of Dwedit's movies, or somewhere on the page it says where the music is from and where to find it.


It's a small, fun forum.  If you'd like an invite, e-mail me.


#3 2005-01-22 3:21:11 pm

Alex Trebek (Administrator)
From: Chicago
Registered: 2004-12-12
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Re: Music Page?

Maybe you're thinking of the site I linked to that has all the pokemon mp3s?

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