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#1 2005-09-23 9:10:13 pm


Bubble Bobble

Hi everyone...

I recently got a 84 Silver Calc to replace my 83....and when a friend and I tried to play Bubble Bobble Linked through a link cable (USB or regular), as soon as the both of us try to join, both the calcs crash...is there any fix/hope to fix this?


#2 2005-09-23 10:45:31 pm

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Re: Bubble Bobble

Linkplay support for the TI83+SE (and 84+/84+SE, they're all the same thing) is badly broken.  They have a different hardware link port than the previous models.  Bubble Bobble tries to control the linkport hardware directly, and fails.

I'm getting bugged about this a lot, so I better consider looking into this for real.  The problem has been around for years now, ever since the 83+SE came out.

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#3 2005-09-24 7:16:04 pm


Re: Bubble Bobble

84+SE to 83+ works in 1.0Beta...

Just to let you know...this is an amazing game, I used to play it for NES a looong time ago.  How long'd it take to make it for Calculator?

#4 2005-09-24 7:17:25 pm


Re: Bubble Bobble

And the game is very well'ly made for Calc.

#5 2007-05-13 1:24:52 am


Re: Bubble Bobble

which file should i send to my TI-84+ calc to get it works?
I send bubapp.8xk and get a error "8C8000C"

I use TI-connect

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