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#1 2007-08-01 5:12:27 am

From: Chicago
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Atari 2600 Adventure in Flash

I've just finished creating an exact clone of the Atari 2600 game "Adventure" in flash!
Go to http://www.dwedit.org/adventure/ to play the Wii-Friendly version, or http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/391061 to vote on the submission!

And when I say exact clone, I mean exact clone.  As in "I used a disassembly".

Edit: 8-14-2007
I added Bridge Wrapping, fixed the bug that allowed bats and dragons to escape locked castles, and fixed the screen flashing at victory.

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#2 2007-12-20 7:10:32 pm


Re: Atari 2600 Adventure in Flash

Beautiful port, thanks!

#3 2008-01-10 4:03:53 pm

Registered: 2005-12-01
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Re: Atari 2600 Adventure in Flash

Excellent!  My favorite 2600 game.  Wish I could get it to work on my DS.


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