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#1 2008-06-26 1:41:52 pm


GBA flash cards

I'm starting to panic a little bit here.  I have been searching the net like crazy trying to find stores that still sell GBA flash cards (especially F2A ultra 1G or 2G).  I must have tryed a dozen or so, but no luck.  Even linker4u where Ive purchased in the past doesnt seem to carry them anymore.   Does anyone know of a place I can still buy these or is it just to far past the GBA's time and Im out of luck!
thanks to anyone who can help!

#2 2008-06-27 3:23:39 am

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Re: GBA flash cards

Looks like jandaman.com still has a few in stock.
Most so-called "NDS products" which plug into the GBA slot will also work fine on a GBA.  Not all of them though, some products fail on the GBA.
Avoid the "supercard rumble" series, and the "m3 pro".
But I'm not the expert on GBA flash cartridges, try a different board, like pocketheaven, or gbatemp.

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#3 2008-09-22 10:54:34 am

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Re: GBA flash cards

as of today (september 2008) mobilemagic.hk still has some 2G F2A-Ultra sets left (cart alone also):
http://www.mobilemagic.hk/index.html?la … =d157.html


#4 2015-10-21 10:51:38 pm

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Re: GBA flash cards

Nowadays, I think the best gba flashcart may be the EZ flash IV, which supports GBA/GBASP/GBM/NDS for playing gba games.
Also now with its new microSD version and the updated 1.77 kernel, it's pretty easy to run it on your console. Its stability and great compatibility may be the main reason why so many people are using it.


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