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#1 2008-09-01 10:47:37 am


home nes emulator using roms possible?

I just had a thought.  I was wondering if anyone ever tried making an nes (or snes) emulator that can be played on a home tv?  I know aftermarket systems such as the fc twin are out there, but would it be possible to create one that runs using rom files instead of actual carts.  Maybe that has a built in usb port you can use to upload games.   If the system were designed with all the nes specs and mappers, it should be able to run reasonably well.  It would probobly be illegal, but wow what a dream come true it would be.  Anyone think it could happen?  I guess the next best thing would be running pocketnes on a tv with some kind of adapter is that possible?

#2 2008-09-20 6:59:55 am


Re: home nes emulator using roms possible?

Grab an old Xbox 1 and look up softmodding.  There are plenty of full speed really awesome emulators for the Xbox which pretty much gives you everything you asked for in your post.

#3 2008-09-24 12:27:51 pm


Re: home nes emulator using roms possible?

In addition to the Xbox, the Dreamcast works as well without any modding. Just burn a disc with roms and the emulator and you're all set. NES games are small enough that you can fit every rom all on one disc.

#4 2008-09-25 8:48:40 am


Re: home nes emulator using roms possible?

Thanks so much for the helpful tips.  If I were to burn nes roms on a disk, which emulator would you recommend I put on the disk for the best results?

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