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#1 2008-09-22 10:46:54 am

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could "warlocked.gbc" be made wporking on goomba color ?


today i heard/read for the first time ever that a goomba color even exists.
i am very interested to get the following game to run on my F2A and F2AU carts with goomba color :

"Warlocked (U) [C][!].gbc"

(i dont know the old release number, i usually remove those numbers).

it is a game that is similar to warcraft, and probably they just didnt have the right to name it that way, thus it was called "warlocked".

it does NOT run with goomba color, the effect is the same as it was/is on old goomba.

is there any chance that this game would work in the near future ?
(else i would have to look for a gb bridge ... )

btw, i have an old goomba (not goomba color) problem, that i would love to see solved.
my very favourite GB game never ran on goomba, it always freezes right after start :


( i think this was also released in japanese under the name puzzle boy (or puzzle master or puzzle .... (something)), the english release is named daedalian opus.

that was the only game i ran across that never worked on goomba (the only one i tried, and i didnt try too much).

since it is my favourite, i'd love to see it work (as warlocked.gbc).

(btw,. i tried another GBC game, "3D Pocket Pool", as well, it didnt run either. on both games i only get the message : this games only runs on a GBC (as if they would think they are in a GB, not in a GBC)).




please get these roms to work

warlocked.gbc           (on goomba color)
daedalian opus.gb     (on both goombas)


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