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#1 2008-10-03 11:37:44 am


Pogoshell2GBA + Goombacolor

As you might know, I've been trying to get Pogoshell2GBA to work with Goombacolor properly.  If you try to use Pogoshell2GBA with Goombacolor, it works almost.  You have to press L+R once for the diplay to start working.  I've been looking over maps, various I/O settings related to backgrounds and windowing, and I'm rather at a loss on what's causing the problem.  I've gotten as far as establishing that cls(3) and cls(1) aren't what's restoring the display.  I'd guess that add_ui_border might have something to do with it, but trying to walk through that is really hard since it seems to be called every vblank.

Do you have any idea what could be the problem?  Any suggestions on where else to look?

Just to clarify, I'm using goomba color 3-31-08.  A simple "copy /b goombacolor+rom.gba compilation.gba" creates a working compilation.gba without the problem.  Even though obviously this makes Pogoshell2GBA redundant,  I'm still trying to resolve this with Pogoshell2GBA because the source of this bug is something that probably needs to be fixed for other plugins.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

#2 2008-10-03 12:34:52 pm

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Re: Pogoshell2GBA + Goombacolor

Does this also happen with real pogoshell?  I think it might.

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#3 2008-10-03 1:33:01 pm


Re: Pogoshell2GBA + Goombacolor

That's a very good question, which I hadn't considered.  I'll break out my old F2A later and see how goombacolor 3-31-08 behaves under Pogoshell.

#4 2008-10-03 4:49:47 pm


Re: Pogoshell2GBA + Goombacolor

You're right, Dwedit.  The same problem happens under Pogoshell.  Thanks for the insight.

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