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#1 2008-12-11 10:42:54 am


Some newbie questions about Goomba Color

Hey there - I've just discovered Goomba Color and I'm amazed at how well it works.  The emulation is fantastic.   I have some newbie questions though:

1.  When I access Goomba Color (and, for that matter, the original Goomba), I only get 1 screen's worth of ROMs at the game select menu, less than half of the ones I packed.  The .gba file is large enough that it should have all the ROMs included.  Is there something I'm doing wrong?  How can I make all of the packed ROMs accessible from the menu?  FYI, I'm using Goomba Front to create the packed GBA file. 

2.  Anyone know of plans for a rewind function?  It makes playing SO much nicer...  After using NesDS for a few weeks I automatically hit the L button on whatever I'm playing when I make a mistake.  :)   (I'm curious about this for PocketNES, too, but wrong forum, I know).

3.  I think I read that there are no save states yet.  This is the case, right? 

4.  If I wanted to get a dedicated flash cart for Goomba / PocketNES, anyone have any recommendations?  I currently use an EZ-Flash IV, but the limited SRAM means I have to spend 5 minutes writing to NOR every time I want to switch between emulators, unless I want to break up the .gb rom packs into smaller .gba roms.  I've used an eLink 1Gb flashcart, which loads much faster, but of course it has limited space.  Any recommendations?

Thanks for the great emulator, Dwedit, and thanks for any help anyone might have for me.

#2 2009-01-08 12:25:49 am

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Re: Some newbie questions about Goomba Color

Try making several  smaller packages of your ROMs instead of one giant one.


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