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#1 2009-08-14 5:46:31 am

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Ok i think igot this figured out

Original Post
I realized i would havwe to almost rewrite the scalling methed if i wanted it to look perfect

So this makes the scroll values a bit off vertically so it flickers between both BG's!Only in scalling other than Alpha Lerp Also the gamma of both does not match, looks brighter or darker on or off. So my question is this, (I've got the GCC figured out just need to get around to making it compile preoperly Pocketnes 9.98 GCC helped), QUESTION:would adding this help to match gamma cause then it wouldnot flicker practicallly or what would be the best way to appraoch this
gamma value being different????
///Maybe cut off the mask backgroundNever mind on this one or perhaps add this code?


Sorry i did not mean to be rude my last post'

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#2 2009-09-13 7:30:05 am

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Re: Ok i think igot this figured out

New Post

Im so dumb when i saw this I reallized that is exactly what is changing when you scroll vertically. A little bit of a cut in the graphics.Alpha Lerp Helps Alot with this but it still does a bit of a cut in the graphics. So bassically I need to add the *New BG Scaler

Dwedit wrote:

Here's the upgraded background tile system in action!



Notice that the brick no longer disappears.

Where would i look in your PocketNes BETA code. I have already made font patches to make Alpha Lerp Look good with text games.

And I am going to add in Pocketnes  9.98 fixes with help from Kwangers port.

This Is All For Nesds.

Here's my complete set of Fonts Made last night to look good in Alpha Lerp.

http://rapidshare.com/files/279822077/N … ntsIPS.rar


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#3 2009-09-21 1:47:34 pm

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Re: Ok i think igot this figured out

Hi morbid27.

Are you about to compile a new NesDS version?
Are you receiving Dwedits help?

I work coding, but i think im useless in the field of emulators. I code mostly simulations and genetic algorithms. I use C++ and Matlab languages. If there is anything i can do to help you just tell me.

Good luck!



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