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#1 2009-10-08 12:12:00 pm


Renaming ROM titles for goomba/goomba color

Hey, I'm kinda new to the GBA flashcard scene. Got a quick Q.

I'm enjoying both goomba and goomba color hugely, but I've got a niggle. How do I rename the .gb and .gbc roms to show up their full game titles in the rom list when in goomba/goomba color?

I seem to get half of the titles, which aren't taken from the filename or the rom title (I think. As I said, I'm new to this)

Any help would be greatly appretiated.

Thanks. And hi.

#2 2009-10-08 4:50:56 pm

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Re: Renaming ROM titles for goomba/goomba color

Goomba Color right now reads the titles from the rom itself.  You can change them with a hex editor, and that's what Goomba Color will show instead.  But I'll probably later add support for GBC-style colorization of GB games.  That uses a checksum of the game title to determine what colors to use.  If you edited the game title, it will no longer match.

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#3 2009-10-14 3:06:17 am


Re: Renaming ROM titles for goomba/goomba color

Hey Dwedit. Got it sorted. The reason I wasn't having success with naming was due to using Hehe GB to rename and Goomba Rom Builder to build rather than Goomba Front (I was having loads of problems with the latter). Anyways, long story short, worked around Goomba Front's bugs and now have my own perfect set up of my favourite GB and GBC color games, all with forms of saving, on the EZ4 - kudos to to dude.

I owe you one!

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