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#1 2011-02-27 7:02:20 pm


Goomba Color Border

I am using Goomba Color on a GBM playing Dragon Warrior Monsters.  The SGB border does not update if I have it set to GBC over SGB mode, but all the colors show up correct in game.  If I set it to GBC+SGB the border updates depending on where I am in game, but as soon as I interact with something all the colors turn to shades of tan.  If I flip through the menus the color comes back except for the characters.  Is there something I can do to get it so the border updates properly while maintaining the correct colors?

#2 2011-02-27 8:59:58 pm

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Re: Goomba Color Border

Sorry, but that's just the way that game works.  The SGB+GBC mode is an impossible mode which doesn't exist outside of emulators, so it's natural that games would screw up in that mode.
You'd need to do ASM hacking.  You'd need to find out what byte in memory the game uses to indicate that it's running on a super game boy, then set a data breakpoint for when the game reads that byte.  Somewhere, the game is checking that "are we running on a Super Game Boy" byte, and it's selecting the tan sprites.  You'd need to change the asm code to make it not select the tan sprites, but for other checks, like before it updates the border, you'd need it to think it's running on the super game boy.

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#3 2011-03-15 3:58:10 pm


Re: Goomba Color Border

hi, it is possible to set boder=none and get all the screen filled up like in vanilla goomba?

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