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#1 2016-06-27 8:17:56 pm

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LSDJ on GBA SP with Super Card microSD + GOOMBA setup tutorial and Qs?

I have a GBA SP and a Super Card microSD with a 2 GB microSD card. I am here documenting the steps it takes to get LSDJ running with this setup and after that I have some questions I'd like to ask the community. I think this is important because I had to cobble this process together from numerous apparently unrelated forum posts.

All version numbers are the versions I used today which I've tested as working. Older versions of GOOMBA do not work for this.

To get LSDJ to run on this setup, I have undertaken the following steps using my Windows 10 laptop:

1. Format the 2 GB (no bigger!) microSD card as FAT - not quick format

2. Put the Super Card microSD firmware version 1.85 (sd_185.bin) in the root folder on the microSD card. http://www.minihere.com/supercard-mini- … nload.html

3. Install Super Card Software version 2.71. from same site as above.

4. Get latest GOOMBA version 12-14-2014. http://www.dwedit.org/gba/goombacolor.php

5. Get latest LSDJ (4.8.6) http://www.littlesounddj.com/lsd/latest/full_version

6. Run the LSDJ gameboy rom through the Goomba converter front end to get an LSDJ+Goomba GBA rom.

7. Run the LDSJ+Goomba GBA rom through the Super Card Software to get a set of files Super Card needs. Make sure your destination folder is on your hard drive. Do not tell the Super Card software to deliver it's output directly onto the microSD card because that can mess things up and possibly cause crashes.

8. Finally, copy the output files from the Super Card software onto the micro SD card, then put the micro SD card into your Super Card and the Super Card into the GBA SP and turn it on!

The big advantage of using this method of running LSDJ is that it is probably the cheapest way to get LSDJ running on genuine Nintendo hardware. I spent about $25 on this project, just to get the Super Card, and I already had an old 2 GB micro SD card laying around.

The major disadvantage of using this method is that backing up your songs is not easy. LSDJ does not give you the option to save your song when running inside Goomba, so you have to use Goomba save states to save your songs, which means you can have only one song per LSDJ+Goomba+SuperCardPatched rom and it does not come out in a clean standard format that's easy to get running on an emulator on your PC or other devices.

I am looking for ways around this limitation however and that brings me to my big question for the community:

This post http://www.dwedit.org/dwedit_board/view … 3427#p3427 indicates that it is possible to export the Goomba save state so that it can be read by another Gameboy emulator. From there, to get to a standard LSDJ save file, might it be possible to use cheats to enable/disable the option for saving songs after the game is already running?

Another question is whether you can import LSDJ save files into any other software or if there are any scripts to convert them to other chiptune tracker formats?

And what is the best way to record LSDJ songs to audio files? I figured it would be better to run them in an emulator on my PC for recording purposes rather than try to record directly from the GBA SP even though I do have a GBA SP audio out adapter.

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