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#1 2020-05-16 5:08:13 pm

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Goomba Color sound issues?

Hey Dwedit!

I have been noticing issues with Goomba Color's sound. A lot of games have sound channels completely missing, and using other games that use those channels can fix them. This is problematic for standalone .gba ROMs for each game. Is there any chance that these can be fixed?

I've included a zip folder containing a ROM that I created using Goomba Front that can demonstrate these issues.

The first game, Carazu, has problems with sound channel 3, until you start executing the second ROM, BGBWELCOME, which causes these issues to be fixed.

Please take these issues into consideration.

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#2 2020-05-16 8:42:38 pm

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Re: Goomba Color sound issues?

The game is probably not initializing sound correctly, but a real Game Boy starts with the Beep from the power-on animation.  I'm not emulating that, so games may be relying on that.

Edit: Looks like it's trying to play an uninitialized wave for the third channel.  This works on real hardware, but a game boy and game boy color default to a different waveform.

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#3 2020-05-17 8:33:33 am

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Re: Goomba Color sound issues?

Is there any way of fixing these issues?


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