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#1 2008-06-20 3:18:33 am

From: Chicago
Registered: 2004-12-12
Posts: 1,019

Holy Crap!

I've finally had my flash movies stolen by Ebaumsworld.com!  This is a tremendous honor.
I'd like to give Eric Bauman a big hug, complete with concealed knife.

"We are merely sprites that dance at the beck and call of our button pressing overlord."


#2 2008-06-23 3:39:02 pm


Re: Holy Crap!

Sue the fuck.

I'll be your PR guy. I'll work for free.
...or to get Goomba Color and PocketNES work in Pogoshell on my EFA again.

But seriously, I think you've probably got enough fans and enough of a case that you could well get Bauman offline.

#3 2008-08-24 9:21:27 pm


Re: Holy Crap!

I hope Ebaum suffocates in a vat of acid.

Anywho, glad the guy who made those awesome vids I watched when I was younger is still alive.

#4 2008-11-06 6:45:19 am


Re: Holy Crap!

dwedit, do you accept sexual favors?
your awesomeness needs to be rewarded.

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