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#1 2008-11-11 11:41:10 am


all pocketnes menus turned blank! PLEASE HELP!!

I am completely baffled as to how this could happen.  I have an f2a 2G ultra card and I use powerwriter v2.61 and have never had a problem flashing pocketnes menus using menu maker.  I flashed 4 menus to a flash card and all menus and all games worked perfect.  I had 800 plus roms but divided in 4 menus, everything worked great, all were under 252M.  Then, one day, I turn it on and it goes to the screen where you select menus like normal. I hit start, and nothing, blank screen.  I tried all the other menus, same thing.  So, I ereased the cart and loaded new menus and got the same result.  I then erased again, and loaded new menus using a different version of pocketnes, still nothing.  I thought maybe the card got corrupted somehow, but when i loaded an snes advance file, it worked perfect.  I then tried pogoshell with a few test roms and these worked, yet I cant keep save states.  (Im not familiar with pogo shell so Im sure its me).  I dont know how to use the latest version of pocketnes on pogoshell though (assumed you put pocketnes.gba in the pluggins file then rename to nes.bin but it doesnt work).  All I can get to work is pogones9.9 and it wont work with 800 roms and wont keep saves after i shut it off. 
Heres the really wierd part, in a last ditch effort to use menumaker again, i eraesed the cart and created a test menu with 6 roms and it worked.  I then added a second larger menu of 168M to the cart and when I selected either the previously created test menu or this new one, I got the blank screen again!!!   I eraesed again, and readded just the test menu to recreate my resluts, and now that wont even work!!
I thought if it was a glitch in a menu, recreating them would fix it and if it was a glitch in the cart, nothing should work....if it is a glitch in the cart, how can it just effect menumaker menus and nothing else??! and how can it just stop working one day when it worked perfect before?
I really hope someone has a suggestion, im stunned with this, especially since all my other f2a cards flashed in the same way, have always worked perfect.

#2 2008-11-11 1:20:45 pm


Re: all pocketnes menus turned blank! PLEASE HELP!!

I was messing around with it today and finally got all the menus to work again, though i cant figure out what i did different to fix it or why it happened in the first place.  All I did was make a test menu with 6 roms and kept flashing it to the card until it worked again (took like 4 trys), then i just kept adding in my bigger menus one by one and checking them.  In the end it all worked again but I still wish I could understand what the heck happened in the first place?????
anyone have any theories?

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