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#1 2012-09-10 1:10:25 am


Mystic Quest / Final Fantasy Adventure vs. Goomba

i've tried using Goomba for Mystic Quest (or Final Fantasy Adventure as it is called in some parts of the earth) but whatever i do, the game always crashes after the first sequence (where Willy dies). Once i enter the next room it's all gibberish and weird graphic bugs. Before that everything's fine....

#2 2012-10-22 2:42:08 am


Re: Mystic Quest / Final Fantasy Adventure vs. Goomba

that was on EZFlash IV on my GBA. i just tried the same compiled rom on my Supercard SD and it worked!

#3 2012-10-24 10:21:33 pm

Lemmy Koopa
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Re: Mystic Quest / Final Fantasy Adventure vs. Goomba

Yeah I played this fine on my M3 perfect.
Maybe your EZF doesn't like something it's doing. You might have compiled a too big game file. I heard EZF only supports 16MB, which M3 and Supercard supports 32MB.

Either cut down your compilation ROM's size, or start splitting them into separate files.

Ex: I have a ROM image for regular GB games, and 2 Goomba Color ROM images for all my GBC games, as "Goomba Color.gba" and "Goomba Color2.gba".


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