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Chu Chu Rocket!

Chu Chu Rocket for TI83+ by Dwedit


This is a fan-made rewrite (or clone) of the GBA game Chu Chu Rocket for the TI-83 series of graphing calculators, including the TI-83, TI-83+, and TI-84+. The game is completely written in Z80 Assembly language.

It's based on the original Game Boy Advance game Chu Chu Rocket by Sonic Team. It's a puzzle game where you place arrows on a grid to move the mice into a rocket. When you place arrows on a tile, mice will change direction when they step on that arrow. Try to get the mice into the rocket, but don't let the cat eat the mice!

There are 2600 levels included with this game, so have fun!

Special thanks to Sonic Team for making a great game to clone!


Version 0.17: Download
On ticalc.org: Download
Source Code: Download

Supported Shells list:
TI-83: Ion, Venus
TI-83+: Ion (also MirageOS)


screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot


Enter activates game, Plus and Minus change levels, 2nd + Arrow key drops arrows
Del cancels the level when the game is running
Don't forget to read the Readme.txt included with the game!