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This is a text editor that lets you look up Japanese words by moving the mouse cursor over them, it's basically a clone of the Firefox extension Rikaichan, except this is a text editor.

It attempts to detect word boundaries by matching the longest sequence of characters it finds in the dictionary. If it gets word separation wrong, add a space.

How to use it

This is a C# program, you will need to first install the .NET framework if you don't already have it.

To use this program, you need a copy of the Japanese-English dictionary database file that Rikaichan uses. This program will scan your Firefox profile directory, so you don't need another copy if you already have Rikaichan installed.

RikaiChan-Clone Text Editor Screenshot


Download Here

Source Code so your own C# program can use this control

Dictionary File (6.41MB)


You can post comments on my message board, or email me or PM me. Do not bother the developer of the Rikaichan firefox extension about this program.


Contains a little bit of code ported from Rikaichan, just the part that filters the text and merges katakana with hiragana.

Text Editor engine powered by ScintillaNET