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I have created a lot of sprites for use in TI83 games that I program, usually I make the sprites first, then write the game.  However, sometimes I never write the game, or I never finish the game, and I'm left with useless sprites that I spent a lot of time drawing.
Here is a page with all the TI83 sprites I've drawn using SnoBro's Tile Layer program: (except for Iceclimb, I drew that with 1's and 0's)

Zelda 2 Sprites

This happened way back in the day when I was still actively romhacking.  I had written a Level Editor for Zelda 2, so I knew the game inside and out.  I was really early in Z80 ability, able to write a TI-Basic program that called an ASM program that drew sprites, and that was all I could do then.  I've created crappy TI-Basic programs that displayed Link animating and moving around, and even those ran way too slow.  The sprites I drew I stuck in a copy of the Zelda 2 rom, and I used Tile Layer, a romhacking tool, to draw these sprites.  I have now placed them for public viewing here.

These were drawn way back in April 2000 or possibly before, during some email conversations with mheckenbach, I drew some tiles and sprites for Zelda 2.  Don't remember whether I drew these before or after the emails, but Here are some Sprite graphics for the TI83:

I drew these 8x8 Masked Sprites of the game objects.  Light blue is the transparent color, purple is the inverse color.

First 2 rows are many frames of link, then his sword, then an explosion sprite (probably useless).  Then come the key, magic jars, and the Points pag, then a locked door sprite.  Row 03 is the enemies, first the 2 animation frames of the bot/bit, then the rock and Octorok that shoots them out, then the Moa.  Then all the sprites are XFlipped.  Then finally are the cool looking Ironknuckle Sprites, plus a moblin.

I also made a tileset based on the original NES graphics:

These are the original NES zelda 2 tiles, most don't have the right palette here.  This is the actual tileset used in my Zelda 2 Editor.  Nintendo drew them, not me.

This is the Zelda 2 Tileset I drew.  These are all 8x8 monochrome sprites.  I'd like to see these used in a game eventually.

Finally, here are a couple of mock screenshots I made to show what the sprites and tiles could look like in a game:

TI85/86 size screen, princess Zelda sleeps in North Castle.  The drapes are below all the action, you would have to scroll up to see them if this was an actual game.

TI83 size screen.  The dimensions of the NES stuff have been shrunk to the smaller size of the TI83's screen.

DragonQuest Dungeon Sprites:

DragonQuest Dungeon started out as a TI-Basic Game, and was my first ever major use of ASM code ever.  I started out with these crappy sprites:

These once were the sprites for the Slime, Wolfoid, and Knight monster.  It's also the exact same sprite I used for the Ironknuckle in my Zelda 2 sprites.  This was the point I stopped storing my drawn sprites in a Zelda 2 rom and moved on to a new file: NEWFILE.CHR.  I still used Tile Layer to edit the graphics.

I drew LOTS of graphics for this game, here's the old tileset used in the game.  This was the monochrome tileset used before I added grayscale to the game.  The rock tiles in the first row are from the old Zelda 2 sprites I drew.

This is the game's tileset presented in blurry Grayscale Mode.  You will see it again in the unblury monochrome mode, where the pixels are not blurred together to create a grayscale effect.

Now for the biggie: the game's sprite sheet with all the tiles and monsters and other monochrome sprites!

In the first 2 rows of tiles, there are the old enemy graphics from the TI-Basic game.  The wolfoid was now based on a FF5 sprite, and the knight now has his sword.  Next is the 4 frames of animation for the teleporter object that moves you to the next level.  Then comes the 4 rows of the tileset, this time presented in black and white rather than grayscale.  In the 11th row, there are a series of 8x8 mono sprites, these were supposed to be rear views of all the monsters in the game, when they would join your party.

Now the interesting stuff, the monsters!  Each monster has 3 frames of animation.  There's the idle frame, where the monster just stands there.  Then there's the Attack Frame, this is where the monster jumps down and attacks you.  Then there's the getting hit frame.  All the monsters are 16x16 monochrome sprites.
The names of the enemies are: Slime, Wolfoid, Knight, Dragon, Drakee, King Slime, Demon Toadstool, Demonite, Healer, then there's one frame from the unfinished Man-Eater-Chest.
Finally, there are also a few sprites from a game I was planning to make called "Anti-Gravity" but never cared enough to start writing it.

Here is a bunch of the Masked Sprites I made for DragonQuest Dungeon, first the crappy player sprite, then the icon sprites for the various items you could pick up.  There's also my crappy Hero Character I made loosely based on the Zelda 2 knight.

Now for something cool: The Character Sprites!

These are 8x12 masked sprites of a bunch of animated charaters.  These were mostly based on the characters of the NES Dragon Warrior 4.  4 pixels of transparent were added around each sprite to make them stand out more.  The characters are: Ironknuckle, Alena, Cristo, Mara, Nara, Taloon, DW3 Hero, Brey, Ragnar, Woman, and Man.

Alternate version with the spacing removed

More Sprites...

Bubble Bobble horizontal logo with unused "Best Busters" message

Larger image of Bub, altered for use in the title screen

Unused Bubble Bobble Font, along with Nice 1UP! graphic, Bub inside a bubble, and an alternate main character design at the bottom.

Grayscale Title screen for the TI83

Early progress on grayscale sprites

Finished Bubble Bobble 83 grayscale sprites, these were never used because the LCD blurred too much.

This is the sprite sheet used by the current version of Bubble Bobble.

TI89 Title Screen, not that a TI89 version is actually in the works or anything...

Monochromized version of Shawn Pero's Bubble Bobble fanart, this eventually became the title screen after much redrawing.

Old Bubble Bobble 83 title screen

The main menu!

The sprite set for Chu Chu Rocket.  The Black mouse and white mouse were rejected in favor of the top row mouse.  The sheet also happens to have some rejected 8x12 dragon quest enemies at the bottom.

Sprites for an Ice Climber game I never made

Four-level Grayscale 16x16 Megaman Sprites, also never made that game...

3 level grayscale Megaman Sprites, since 3 levels blurs less than 4 levels.

I was breifly considering porting Adventure of Lolo to the TI83, even got the level format of the original game. Never got to work on the TI83 version. Just these sprites.